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The Nut Line

About the Collection

The images that the Pharaohs depicted on the walls of the resting places they created for themselves represent a continuation of the world they lived in, the nature they cherished and the sun they basked in. The detail of their drawings and writings depict a dance with life; earths, skies, water and air. The interplay between the cycles of growth, vegetation, death and celebration and the sun, moon, earth, water and air reflect their belief of how we, humans in all our glory, engage in delightful dance with the splendid cosmos. Plants we grow, food we eat, animals we raise, clothes we wear, utensils and tools we create and ceremonies and dance we perform are intertwined with the universe into which we ultimately become.

Pharaohs planted the cotton they wove, mined gold for their jewelry, created pottery from clay and dyes from plants. They lived in and by the elements that surrounded them, and in every instance paid tribute and celebrated the green of the land, the blue of the sky, the turquoise of the stones, the gold of the stars, and the brown of the earth.

WafaaWali honors this heritage and invokes a rekindling of this eternal dance in its Nut line.